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Graphics Design


Layout design
study the principles of page design, and learn how to design and layout documents for effective communication
Digital illustration
learn digital illustration and editing methods using a range of techniques
Image capture
study the creation of digital imagery, including image capture, digital manipulation and preparation for print
Design and visualisation
explore a wide range of creative and design processes to achieve effective visual communication
Branding and advertising
investigate the importance of company branding and production of effective advertising material
Pre-press and problem
solving - prepare electronic files for commercial printing, solve the problems associated with producing a quality output
design and produce printed packaging items
explore the nature and treatment of type and its applications.

Graphics Design

Learn Software

A wide range of career opportunities in many different organisations are available for Computer Graphic Design , including positions involving:
  • Computer Fundamental OS

  • Corel Draw X6

  • Adobe Illustrator Cs6

  • Adobe Photoshop Cs6

  • Adobe Indesign Cs6

  • Pre-press

  • Copy and digital centres

  • Printers

  • Design studios

  • Advertising agencies

  • Galleries

  • Desktop publishing(DTP)

  • Newspapers

  • Education

  • Self Bigness

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